{spring break} colors

my second spring break theme: a color group which keeps popping up all over my photo library...

{typewriter sign at antique society}

{hermes three thousand at antique society}

{daffodils in my kitchen}

{playhouse slide next door at the lodge}

{fiesta cups + saucers at antique society}

{vintage scale -> origin: twenty miles from my childhood home}


angelina la dawn said...

such cool photos! i really love the typewriter sign.

quiverfull said...

hey, sorry to leave this as a message, but the email thingy didn't seem to be working. so... i got tagged in one of those dumb memes going around (the handwriting game) and decided to play along. i had to tag three people in return, and - as you have the most amazing handwriting i've ever seen :) - of course, i chose you! (see now, don't you feel lucky? .. ha.) it was a nice little come-down from 30 days of lists for me. it's totally fine if you don't have time, or think it's lame. :) just wanted to let you know.
ps. these are great pics. the colors are fantastic!
- shawnacy

Heather said...

These are such magnificent colors! Love the shot of the shirts!

diane said...

angelina...thank you! that typewriter sign is amazing, isn't it?

shawnacy...oh dear -> i got pneumonia right around the time of this game and missed it altogether. sorry + thank you for the invitation! the handwriting love is very much appreciated. xo

heather...thanks! the whole store is organized beautifully like this. such eye candy!