{spring break} spectacles

my box of vintage inspired glasses from the warby parker home try-on program arrived today...

i spent an evening during spring break choosing five pairs of spectacles that i wanted to put on my face...

it was so much fun to try them on at home today + model them for kevwrex.

of course, i added ridiculous character behavior + a runway style performance purely for our amusement.

side note: there is rarely a dull moment when one lives with a lady of the stage.

we both voted on the pair in the front...

warby parker is a very cool company + concept...
  • funky vintage inspired frames
  • virtual try-on software for experimenting online
  • home try-on program: five pairs shipped both ways for free with no obligation to buy
  • $95 includes everything: frames, lenses, + shipping
  • a pair is donated to someone in need for each pair sold
this whole process eliminated the weird anxiety i have about shopping for glasses. frame shops have always made me feel squicky, like i'm in a high-pressure car dealership. warby parker made it a fun, easy, feel-good deal for me.

my eyeballs are going to be so happy to wear some new specs.


sara said...

hee hee....this post made my night. imagine a lady of the stage feeling squicky...! i love the frames you picked out, and I'm so glad you test drove online frame shopping for me...I need new specs!

jaclyn said...

nice frames!

what a great idea for frame shopping, and not a bad price either. i usually go for the sears special myself. :)

i would love to see how they on *you*. xoxo

cb said...

wow what a great program! i love supporting company's that give back!


Fritzi Marie said...

I can't wait to see which one's you choose. They have so many pretty options. I bet you look fabulous in all of them.


Mim Smith Faro said...

I love the idea. I keep on meaning to send for some try-ons, but I always forget. (The curse of ADHD!) I can't wait to see them on you.

Mim Smith Faro said...

Okay! I just did it. I ordered 5 try-at-home pairs. Yay! I can't wait 'til they come.

diane said...

sara...it was a pleasure for this lady of the stage to test drive specs on behalf of my bloggy friends. easy peasy + very fun.

jac...i will post some snaps when they arrive!

cb...me too. a symbiotic exchange.

fritzi...you are a sweet pea through + through. xo

mim...so curious to hear about your experience! do tell when you get a moment.