{spring break} sips

ah, twas a lovely break.

i adventured merrily all over the bay area and snapped a plethora of pictures.

upon looking through them tonight, i discovered several themes.

the first theme: beverages.

i sipped on delicious beverages with my beloved friends...

{beautiful home brew made by my talented friend lance}

{robust espresso with my best friend benjamin}

{delicious pinot noir crafted by a family friend}

and i found two mugs at the antique society that i want to add to my collection...

{fiesta ware cup + saucer}

{mushroomy cuteness}


Halina Veratsennik said...

maybe the first beverage is influenced by recent St.Patrick's Day? :)

Anonymous said...

I like the last pic with the mushrooms. I remember having similar illustrations and colours on our mugs when I was very (!!!) little :)

Mim Smith Faro said...

Great shots. Hipstamatic?

jackiebean said...

hooray for homebrew! i bet it was delicious. glad you enjoyed your break! xoxo

cb said...

so glad you had a great break! how yummy home brewed beer! we have been discussing trying to make our own but we need some room. i friend of ours used to do and has been talking of starting again! oh how much fun it would be!


Sarah said...

Look at all that lush green in the first picture! Looks almost as delicious as the homebrew. :)

diane said...

halina...it is a very irish scene indeed!

petra...yes. those retro mushrooms are in my early memory too.

mim...hipstamatic. i use it often + love it.

jac...i look forward to sharing a homebrew with you someday!

cb...my friend who made this lives in an apartment in SF -> i bet you could squeeze some brew in somewhere at your casa. :D

sarah...oh, that lush green makes my heart sing. spring!!!