{design} mod santa

i discovered this fantastic santa in a crate of vintage holiday cards at a local antique store.

this particular saint nick instantly captured my heart for four reasons:

i am a sucker for stripes.

there is no mention on the card of company, designer, or year.
i'm guessing somewhere in the sixties?

the card is flocked with red velvet
which transports me instantly back to my childhood.
our early seventies home had two rooms
which were covered in flocked foil wallpaper.
i was smitten with the velvety stuff.

check out this fabulous lettering
from the inside of the card...

isn't the whole thing simply swell?

this is what a one dollar treasure from an artist date does for me.

ho ho ho!


Mim Smith Faro said...

Lucky find! I love it.

Jo said...

This is swell!! And oh, do I ever remember that flocked foil wallpaper. I used put my grubby little hands all over it to feel that velvety stuff. Ours featured lots of very shiny butterflies. Sooooo late 70s/early 80s. :)