{video} innkloopers

it has been one month since my first ebook collaboration whimsy for wendys launched into the world...

in celebration of this occasion, the wendys present you with a blooper reel from our original video.

if you would like to see me make some absolutely wacky faces, now is your chance...

as a special gift, from now until midnight on saturday (12.10.11) we are offering a pay-what-you-wish opportunity.

if you have not yet purchased the book, you can visit the site and name your price for the next twenty-four hours.

dear friends, thank you for a month of support!

sending you much love + whimsy from the inn.

p.s. we started a facebook page today for all things whimsical...you are cordially invited to join us!


Mary said...

smiling the whole time while watching this video. thanks for that.

and i will most certainly be joining you over on facebook.

Krystal said...

that is hilarious and you are so cute!

Beka*B said...

I think I may just have a few tears with the laughter you bring :D Are you *sure* this was the 'bloopers'? Try whimsy at it's finest if ever I saw it! You are all awesome :)