{embrace} december

december's arrival zoomed past me last week.

everything transformed around me overnight.

the world launched energetically into its end of the year routine which caused my inner perfectionist to go bonkers.

its main message was:

you're not ready for this.
everyone else is ready for this.
you're not feeling this.
everyone else is feeling this.

this message was followed by a complex mix of emotions - frustration, excitement, overwhelm, joy, sorrow, rebellion, reflection, guilt, jubilation.

i got stuck in this particular thought vortex for several days.

then, two posts offered me helpful words:

thanks to the wonderful words of these women, i am now throwing my arms wide open to everything this last calendar page brings.

what a gift!

i want to pass this gift on to you.

i love to think of my inn as a space which transforms into exactly what you need when you walk through the door.

sweet guests, do you need to come to the inn for:

a mug of chai + a cozy warm blanket?
a festive soiree + a dirty martini + a swing record on the player?
a shoulder to cry on + a nap in a nook?
hearty soup + a crackling fireplace?
thumping club music + a sparkly dress?
warm sunshine + a book?
a magical workshop full of crafty tools + supplies?
a journal + some peaceful quiet in which to write or draw?
a drum to pound upon?
a pajama party + a giggle fest?
meditation + a massage?
a baking extravaganza?
a sacred temple + a top hat?
wine + fancy cheese + philosophy?
a place to stomp around + throw a tantrum?
a movie marathon?
a soothing lullaby?

the inn is your room of requirement...imagine it to be exactly what you need right now.

while you envision this, i am sending you:

the space to feel absolutely all of your feelings
at the end of this threesixtyfive.

the presence to savor the tiniest moments
as well as the grandest gestures
for the next few weeks.

the ability to fully exhale
the last breaths of twentyeleven.

the knowledge that all of the feelings you're feeling
are a natural part of the december experience.

and the message that
you are seen + known + loved
in your
dearest friend.


Mim Smith Faro said...

Love this. Love you!

Emily said...

As soon as you said you wanted the inn to be somewhere that transformed for each person I thought "like the Room of Requirement!"

Glad you've found a way to enjoy December. Right now I'm caught in the rushing around, but I know that once I get on the plane to England on Thursday, I'll start getting into the spirit.

keishua said...

lovely. I personally would like a nap and cozy reading nook. Think I am going to promise myself a little downtime each day this week. Hope you have a beautiful week.

cb said...

i want to come into your inn and do all those things but a cup of chair and a nice warm blanket sounds heavenly! this time of year is always so crazy and sometimes i wish i could just relax and enjoy it...which means i need to make presents earlier i guess :)

Mary said...


I could go for a mix of some of the things on your list:
-a mug of chai + a cozy warm blanket
-hearty soup + a crackling fireplace
a journal + some peaceful quiet in which to write or draw
-a pajama party + a giggle fest

May the remainder of 2011 bring you joy, joy, joy!

Much love to you, today and always.