the vege-men's revenge

i love illustrations from children's books.

especially vintage images from beautiful old antique children's books.

in fact, the winged being you see up above is an illustration from a children's book circa 1902.

recently i found this fantastic children's book image...

it is from the vege-men's revenge by florence k. upton circa 1897.

this strange and wonderful book has been digitized by google and all of the beguiling illustrations can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

too cute! I love old children's books too. thanks for sharing :)

diane said...

petra...i especially love the images that are slightly creepy or odd but mixed with a dose of cute. that explains a lot about my tastes. :D

beka*b said...

Those are lovely :) Remind me of original Alice in WL and Milly Molly Mandy books. Adorable :)

Jo said...

Diane, I am with you. I love the slightly creepy/odd. And did this book have plenty of that! Wow!! Maybe Florence K. Upton was a raw foodist? ;)

diane said...

beka...i am not familiar with the 'milly molly mandy' books -> will definitely check them out!

jo...yes, a wonderful amount of strangely adorable stuff from florence in that book. i feel quite certain that she communicated with her veggies. :D