guardians of being

on a recent evening, i found myself navigating an intense conversation with my beloved kevwrex.

we got tangled up in a talk about the future, the kind of discussion where frustration, worry, and fear of the unknown creep in and cause stress.

in the midst of our swirly chat, our dog daria entered the room and subtly stationed herself betwixt us.

at the height of our emotions, we paused for a moment of silent contemplation.

in this quiet space, daria looked calmly at both of us and released the loudest, most fantastically hilarious dog belch we have ever heard...

we both immediately started howling with laughter and nearly fell on the floor with pure delight.

our moods promptly lifted, our conversation shifted, and our smiles returned.

daria jean beauty queen brought us back into the moment with the grace of a burp.

eckhart tolle refers to pets as "guardians of being" because they help us stay in the now...

millions of people
who otherwise would be
completely lost in their minds
and in endless past and future concerns
are taken back by their dog or cat
into the present moment,
again and again, 
and reminded of the joy of being.


i am deeply grateful that my darling dog reminds me to stay grounded in the present.


Emily said...

This made me laugh, and that photo of Daria is just too cute.

BeccaJ said...

Oh you have me laughing! I love the Tolle connection...how true. Our animals are such blessed gifts.

Mary said...

Ha. Nothing like a good dog burp to lighten the mood. Way to go, Daria!

Talks of the future....I can completely relate to the tensions and anxiety they can so often produce. Ben and I are currently trying to figure out what we're going to do with ourselves next year.


Anonymous said...

lol, what a wonderful story :)

Jo said...

Daria knew...she just knew. :)
If the conversation continued, I hope it went well.

P.S. I'm giving Daria a virtual hug. She's precious!

Cat said...

Oh, what a sweet story...animals truly add a dimension to life that would otherwise not be present!

xx Cat brideblu

tea and chickadees said...

Thank goodness for loud stinky belches from cute puppydogs to help remind us that life is better to laugh by!
I have that Tolle book - I should open it up more often; it seems to have real puppy pearls of wisdom :)

diane said...

friends, thank you for all of the puppy love!

daria jean beauty queen is sending you pooch smooches from the treehouse.


PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

so much that we can learn from animals. Their entire way of just BEING... it's so beautiful. no judgement, no conditions, grateful for the simplicity of life and love.
I am going to go hug my cat Rosco now!

diane said...

tammy...your rosco is such a handsome hunk! he takes my breath away and makes me smile quite frequently. *kitty love*