{rainbow} spring flowers

here at the inn, i collect and curate rainbows.

lately, i have been snapping photos of the colorful spring flowers which are blooming all around me.

here is a rainbow of my recent collection...

{at the doctor's office}

{by the brick wall}

{at the feed store}

{by the window}

{outside my classroom}

{by the fence}

{in the moongarden}


Emily said...

So pretty, Di! It's a rainy, grey day here in Santiago, so thanks for bringing me a little color.

Mary said...

It's a grey day where I am, too. Love the colour in these pictures. Thanks for sharing, Diane.

Anonymous said...


diane said...

emily...sending you california spring love! hope you are enjoying your pizza + pisco sours. xo

mary...happy i could send a little color your way.

petra...thank you!

Jo said...

can i just tell you how much i love that your flowers are identified by location...it's like giving directions with landmarks rather than using "north, south, east, west". it makes me smile so much!!

diane said...

jo...thrilled my flower locations made you smile! i once got directions for an event in the desert that said "take a right at the big pile of rocks and a left at the thorny bush." :D

Mim Smith Faro said...

These are so lovely! We have some color here but nothing like those!!! Thanks for brightening my day.

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

so pretttttttty!! I am not a bog fan of flower pics usually, but these are undeniably gorgeous!

Renée said...

beautiful photos, I love flowers!

Una said...

beautiful flowers !! :)

diane said...

mim...hang on -> i do believe color will be in full force for you soon!

tammy...thank you, dahhhhling. xo

renee...thanks, and welcome to the inn!

una...how sweet of you! my very best friend growing up was named una. lovely to meet you here at the inn. :)