spring cleaning + creation inspiration

i truly adore restoring things to order, clearing out winter dust, and repurposing old into new.

lately i have been spring cleaning in my studio. it is inspiring me to create. decluttering stuff and clearing out cobwebs gets my brain zipping again after the cold months. suddenly, i'm dreaming of design changes at the dew drop inn, planning this year's garden, and playing with a plethora of crafty supplies.

on saturday, i dusted off a trusty old fishing tackle box which contains my twenty-year-old bead collection. over two decades, i have purchased, thrifted, and inherited quite an interesting stash of beads. spring cleaning inspired me to open up that box and make something new out of old pieces.

i made this green glass pendant...

out of these upholstery tassels given to me by an interior designer years ago...

easy, fun, satisfying.

for my next trick, i shall clear out my closet and freshen up my summer wardrobe. i fully expect that this behavior will inspire me to pull more odd beads out of the tackle box and create new pieces to wear.

i believe that this is the wondrous combination of spring cleaning -> taking inventory of what you have and making space for new things to grow. i find it most delightful.

am i alone in this joy, or are any of you inspired by this process? 


Mim Smith Faro said...

I had great plans of doing some spring cleaning/creating this past long weekend, but I was sick! Of course, I'm feeling mostly better today and it's back to work for me :( I did start to de-mold my porch swing. I have the goal of cleaning it and then staining it with one of those awesome colored stains that's out there.

Love the new necklace and your new pic. Cute!

Fritzi Marie said...

I am so with you. I've been trying to do the very same thing around here. Your new necklace is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.


Anonymous said...

I love your beads and your necklace. simple but striking. my spring cleaning got replaced by moving house this year, which is almost more effective. you are absolutely right, it's really inspiring, almost cathartic :)


cb said...

i love spring cleaning too! really makes for great inspiration and creativity flow!


jackiebean said...

same here! this weekend, i did a little purge of clothes that i never wear, and participated in a clothing swap benefiting an indie fashion show happening this summer in pdx. so fun and i took home some cute things that *will* get some use this summer!

great necklace! and that is a very pretty dress, too.


diane said...

mim...hope you are feeling better!

fritzi...i have loved your recent posts about your beautiful home -> 'space' in action? xo

petra...moving is an excellent type of spring cleaning. i secretly love it, and my past gypsy lifestyle made me quite effective at it.

jackie...ooh, new cute clothes. a swap sounds fun! i need to work on a summer wardrobe. that dress is a spring treat.:)

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

so that was your trick!!! spring cleaning! now I am on to you!! haha

this is an excellent idea. I've been "struggling" through trying to get motivated and get stuff done so that I can have time to organize & clean. perhaps the trick is to reverse my priorities.

diane said...

tammy...i always have to do the organize + clean thing first or i can't seem to create or get anything accomplished. the method to my madness: whip things into shape, make a list as i clean, + then get to work. :)