catching up: birthday festivities


the first week of my thirty-sixth year has been a wild ride indeed.

i went directly from all of the birthday activities into a week long trip to ohio for thanksgiving. i'm thoroughly exhausted from all the fun and travel!

so now, a quick birthday recap before we launch into abundant december delights:

on the actual day, i went into san francisco to celebrate with my urban tribe.

we ate a fun meal together at the westfield food court...

i received a sweet gift from my friend ami...

{beautiful + delicious}

my friends becca and ben treated me to a beard papa cream puff...

{fresh pâte à choux + caramel cream}

we all went to see megamind 3D at the metreon...

{festooned with 3D spectacles}

and returned home after the movie to enjoy red velvet cupcakes from cako...

{after party + cupcakes courtesy of justin + gio}

as usual, there was much merrymaking and tomfoolery.

i was a bit rough around the edges the next morning when i had to get up at 4:30 to catch a flight to ohio for thanksgiving.

however, it was a zippy way to start my year and i absolutely loved it!

a big thank you to my friends for celebrating with me and bringing such joy to my life.



Mim Smith Faro said...

Sounds like a most wonderful birthday!

Emily said...

How do you possibly look that adorable in movie theater 3D glasses?!

diane said...

@mim...it was! thank you, friend.

@emily...ha! i have no idea. i look like a total dork in most spectacles, so this is a mystery to me. thanks for the love. :)