{camp cozy} day one: paper chains

december has arrived!

i love this month.

i think it is a wonderful time to make merry + snuggle up.

to me, december always feels like a cozy winter camp with loved ones, fun activities, and festive food.

for the next few weeks, i will be hosting {camp cozy} here at the dew drop inn.

each day i post, i will share a winter activity happening here at the treehouse.

it's my own personal celebration at the end of a fantastic year.

i would love for you to join in with comments to share what's going on in your own camp during this time of year.

my first {camp cozy} activity:

i spent the afternoon creating colorful paper chains with my best friend's toddler twins...

i cut a huge stack of paper strips and the three of us had fun looping and taping them into chains.

we then had an exuberant paper chain dance party parade through the house.

it was our way of saying, "welcome, december!"

let the {camp cozy} festivities begin!


cb said...

i really enjoy this month too! x-mas lights are my favorite and i LOVE the smell of pine trees on a cold day!


diane said...

cb...oh, i am soooo excited about getting our lights out this weekend! and fresh pine smell is heavenly. <3