{celebration} me: capturing year number thirty-five

at midnight tonight, my thirty-fifth year ends.

before this happens, i want to do three things:


record my current photo for posterity...


make a list of highlights from this year...


proclaim my gratitude...

i am so thankful.

every day is an amazing work of art that i find staggeringly beautiful.

to wake up each day, breathe, be with my partner, hug my dog, drink a cup of coffee, feel the sunshine, listen to great music, hang with friends, teach children, eat great food, create art, and live simply in a cozy home...

i am profoundly grateful.

au revoir, thirty-five.


Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

well happy happy birthday!! and i love brian regan so much! he makes me cry laughing every time. i'm in the bay area too and saw him at the mountain winery last year :)

Fritzi Marie said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Dearie.
I hope your special day is magical and full of wishes come true. But more importantly I hope your 36th year is full of even more highlights than your 35th. You are fabulous and I adore you.


jackiebean said...

happiest of birthdays to you, darling! here's wishing you a beautiful 36th year!

love and hugs! xoxo

sara said...

Hope your day was a fitting beginning to your 36th year. Cheers to you, birthday girl! :)

bicocacolors said...

muchas felicidades guapa!!!

cb said...

happy birthday sweetie! i was bummed i didn't get to met emma & elsie :( but i just couldn't miss meeting my brand new baby nephew! cheers to another amazing year for you :)


diane said...

an enormous and heartfelt thank you for all of these beautiful birthday wishes!

@alycia...brian has a new album out. check his website!

@kitty...you are fabulous as well and i love that we are the same vintage.

@jackiebean...i just adore you. thanks for the love.

@sara...thanks! i would love to meet you in twenty eleven.

@elena...muchas gracias! xo

@cb...yes, meeting your sweet baby nephew was a magical moment not to be missed.