brew ha ha

two great joys in my life...

one: drinking a frosty cold beer with friends.
two: drinking a cup of delicious coffee with friends.

i spent the weekend doing both in san francisco with my urban tribe.

saturday night, we sipped and supped together at a brewery called social in the inner sunset. as always, much merriment was made.

i tried two different beers that were created at the brewery...


"Rapscallion is a rambunctious, wily Belgian-style golden ale. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, this punk rolls with peppery, gingery spice in one hand and an apricot tattoo on the other."

{easy ipa}

"Easy IPA is your friendly, neighborhood IPA. Less about sharp bitterness and more about the fruity, floral aspects of the hop, it's a bittersweet treat that's all flower power, baby!"

sunday morning, i visited blue bottle coffee which has been on my 'things to do in san francisco' list for many moons.

this is a micro-roastery which originated in oakland with the following vow from its founder...

“I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours
out of the roaster to my customers,
so they may enjoy coffee at its peak of flavor.
I will only use the finest organic, and pesticide-free, shade-grown beans.”

 {individual grind and brew drip bar}

this coffee is brewed a cup at a time for every single order. it is so incredibly complex, fresh, and robust. it was totally worth the hype. i enjoyed every single sip.

i would like to note that i was hungry and planned to eat something with my coffee, expecting the typical mediocre coffee shop fare.  however, i was pleasantly surprised at the savory brunch menu offerings.

in fact, i ordered and consumed the best bowl of creamy polenta i have ever had. it was the perfect consistency, cooked with cured prather ranch ham, fresh rosemary, and finished with bellwether farms ricotta. so tasty!

a weekend of tasting beer and coffee with my favorite people in my favorite city...

pure bliss.


Jaime said...

I am drooling over that polenta! Let's have a Willowood Market Cafe date again soon.

alyssa said...

These are my two favorite things at the moment as well :)

Felicity said...

I love those illustrations.


diane said...

jaime...i would absolutely love a lunch date with you! it has been far too long. i miss you. <3

alyssa...you have excellent taste indeed. btw, loving your recent updates and photos. those bouquets you made are exquisitely beautiful!

felicity...aren't those cool? and welcome to the dew drop inn. your art is amazing and i look forward to exploring your blog more!