fall on the hill: snaps of small pleasures

it's sunday morning and i am catching my breath from a spontaneously busy week.

it started out like any other week, but was suddenly filled with:
  • going to the san francisco giants parade
  • celebrating the second birthday of my best friend's twins
  • getting a flu shot
  • directing final dress rehearsals for my class play
  • shopping for fall clothes
  • rearranging my entire house
  • hosting a slumber party for my urban tribe
amidst this chaos and fun, i captured a few little moments with my diphone...

{coffee + sidewalk chalk}


{brilliant sunset}


{golden vineyard: view from my loft}


cb said...

sounds like a fun but yes busy week! we had some really great sunrises and sunsets this week! glad you were able to capture them! i was a little sad i never had my camera!


diane said...

cb...ah, yes - the bay area sunsets have been delightfully epic lately!

p.s. sooooo excited for your bike shop adventure. cheering you on from the north bay! xo