tricky treats: salted honey caramels

cream + butter + sugar + honey + salt...

i have always wanted to try making caramels...

so earlier this week when i painted a caramel, i decided that the time had arrived...

i used this recipe...

and the result was buttery, salty deliciousness.


having these in the house is dangerous.

i will be giving these away as quickly as possible.

i already gave a bag full of these treats to my best friends next door.

if you would like to make these:

caramel isn't difficult to make, but i highly recommend doing some research before you try it.

here is a list of recipes and articles i read in preparation for this yummy project:

fleur de sel caramels from nothing but bonfires

fleur de sel caramels from ina garten
ten tips for making caramel from david lebovitz

salted butter caramels from david lebovitz

salted butter caramels from chez pim

homemade caramels from giver's log


bicocacolors said...

Diane, great and delicious idea!!!
Thank you and happy weekend

Alejandra Ramos said...

Your photos are gorgeous!! So happy that my recipe worked out well for you. You're right that they are dangerous to have around the house!

Jaime said...

I would like to place an order for one bag ;)

diane said...

elena...thank you so much!

alejandra...your recipe was wonderful and very delicious. and your blog is so beautiful! my gratitude for your generosity and your excellent kitchen skills. :)

jaime...i will whip up a batch of fresh caramels for you any day, friend! <3