halloween in the eighties

i have been reminiscing today about my early halloween costume choices.

the following were my top four favorites during elementary school...


i remember my mother rubbing cream rouge on my cheeks.

i had to wear a turtleneck under the classic plastic tunic
because it was cold in ohio at the end of october.

{strawberry shortcake}

my best friend went with me as "apricot."

this costume had the annoying mask
with the wonky elastic string.

{fifties girl in a poodle skirt}

my mom made my skirt and it was incredibly cute.

i rocked the saddle shoes.

i would still wear the whole ensemble.

{valley girl}

i wore a sleeveless grey flashdance style sweatshirt
that said "totally awesome" on the front.

i bought glittery green hairspray from spencer's at the mall
and made my hair huge.

my bangle bracelets, legwarmers, and jelly shoes
were smokin' hot.

please join me in this little jaunt down memory lane and describe a few of your early costumes...


Fritzi Marie said...

Okay, I am in love with the thought of you and your friend dressing up at Strawberry Shortcake and Apricot. Too CUTE! I remember dressing up as an Indian, a Fifties Baton Twirler, Pumky Brewster, Pippy Longstocking, and a Punk Rocker.

Goodness... the fun we had. I love the 80's.


Skooks said...

Your last pic reminded me that I dressed up as Madonna for Halloween in Kindergarten. What was my mom thinking?! Of course, I didn't REALLY look like her . . . I was just sort of 80s-ed out . . . def had the bangle bracelets and the crazy hair. :)

diane said...

kitty...oh, you must have been wildly adorable as a fifties baton twirler! sequins and fringe and a swirly twirly baton. :)

skooks...i'm certain that you looked incredibly cute as a five-year-old version of madge.