foodstuff: butternut squash soup

the first fall food i crave every year is butternut squash soup made from scratch by my beloved kevwrex.

a few days ago, i purchased a large butternut squash and propped it up on the kitchen counter to stare at him longingly.

subtle, no?

he is a talented cook and transformed that gourd into a fabulous meal last night.

i asked if i could document the process and share his recipe here at the dew drop inn.

he said yes to the photos but admitted that he doesn't use a recipe. apparently, he has made this soup so often that it has been committed to memory.


however, when first learning his soup techniques, he says that he referred to alton, emeril, and ina for guidance.

therefore, the following is not a recipe.

it is a visual journey through the elements of our fall feast...

{roast: butternut squash}

{sauté: mirepoix + apples}

{puree: all of the above with stock}

{garnish: sage leaves}

{combine: mixed greens + balsamic vinegar + olive oil}

{add: herbed goat cheese +  candied pecans}

{toast: slices of bread + olive oil + sea salt}


beccaj said...

Oh, how I miss that soup! Trés délicieux!

Jaime said...

Very soon we will have oodles of biodynamic butternuts, grown by Ben's dad, to share. Get ready Kev, we'll be coming over with soup bowls in hand and hungry bellies!

Anonymous said...

i do love a good soup...it goes well with scarves.

p.s. dear you, your food photography is gorgeous! thank you for a pretty & yummy post :) love, me

diane said...

becca bean...merci, ma cherie! oh, how i miss you.

jaime...the treehouse is ready for you. let's roast some biodynamic butternuts, babe!

sara...dear you, thanks for the post and photo love! i really appreciate it. now throw on a scarf and head up to the north bay for some soup, stat. love, me :)

Emily said...

It looks delicious! Can we tempt you to Chile with the promise of summer and wine and have Kev cook for us too?

Rachelle said...

Oh, I love butternut squash soup! I am intimidated by cutting squash in half, however--a beast of a job. How did you manage?

I LOVE those candied pecans from TJ's. It is a Herculean effort to keep myself from snacking on the whole bag!

cb said...

what a wonderful fall dinner! i made butternut squash soup last year for christmas and it was a big hit, it was OH so YUMMY! when i get them in my organic box again i am going to make it! yum!


diane said...

em...indeed, you could! that sounds heavenly.

rachelle...an enormous sharp chef's knife + a pinch of gusto. and the pecans? oh, the pecans. they are so dangerous.

cb...it's a really delicious + lovely holiday meal. kevwrex has made it for parties and it disappears quickly! :)