macro photo studio

during my senior year of high school, i took a photography course and love love loved it.

i have a vivid sense memory of the processing chemical smell in the dark room.

sadly, that class is the extent of my formal photography training.

i am determined to teach myself to shoot amazing pictures!

thanks to lee of leethal, i found this strobist tutorial on how to make your own macro studio with ten bucks and super simple materials.

here are two photos to illustrate the concept...

 ...this is at the top of my "to make" list!

i shall report back to you with details and photos when my studio is ready.


Hearthandmade said...

I like your wee studio! I got one of those big pop up boxes a long time ago when i had my own studio - it was £6 on ebay but a nightmare to store.. its flat.. but cumbersome!

Ashley said...

wow that looks so cool! i am definitely going to check out the link! thanks for sharing.