i am completely fascinated with the paintings of mark ryden.

again, my love of beautiful + macabre all rolled into one.

here are a few examples of his work...

"the creatrix"


"the apology"

...he has many, many more worth seeing.

this painting is one of his most recent works...


and here is a time lapse video of him creating it...


splendeur caisse said...

He's my favorite! I was super lucky to see his work when it was here locally!

nikolina100 said...

I love him too! so awesome!!
Ray Caesar too.Gorgeous and amazing images!

MeeshOne.Love said...

Before I scrolled to the bottom of your post I thought to myself: I wonder if she's seen the time lapse video yet?....and there it was! Love him!

Parker said...

Oh, my goodness...we share so many LOVES in common. Kindred Spirits I think.
I went to see his show in Seattle about 5 years ago. He is amazing.
Have you seen Penelope? He was the inspiration behind the movie. It is a beautiful/inspirational little love story. If you haven't, I think you would really like it.

Fritzi Marie