on the mend

dear friends, 

i have spent the last several days with a dreadful.awful.no.good.very.bad.stomach.flu.

this sneaky little virus landed me in the hospital briefly this morning for some fluids and medicine.

however, i am now on the mend and very grateful to be able to say so.

i have been convalescing this evening on the couch and chose to watch "an education" while doing so...

...i loved this movie for personal reasons, for the aesthetic of the period piece, and for the subtle wonderful acting.

an excellent way to spend the evening whilst recovering!


Parker said...

Oh, my goodness I hope you feel better asap. At least you got to watch a lovely film.

That movie struck so many cords with me too.

Fritzi Marie

Sal said...

oh dear! I am sorry to hear you have been unwell. Good to hear you're feeling better tho! I have never watched the movie...maybe it I should put it in my things to do list! xo

Kim said...

be well, friend...

Ashley said...


I am so sorry! I had it two weeks ago and it is a doozie! I hope you are feeling better soon! :)


MeeshOne.Love said...

oh no! rest up missy...we need you well for our adventures! ;) i've been wondering about that movie, i just might have to rent it to watch while im working, the boy is so picky about the era of movies...if its 60's or earlier he doesn't even want to give it a chance...he just doesn't know what he's missing. ;)
get rest, be well.
much love...