earlier this week, i spent an afternoon at the antique society in sebastopol.

i found many beautiful treasures during my wandering that day, but the one i loved most dearly was an illustration from a children's book printed in 1902.  it was an image of a flying child.  i love almost anything with wings, and this particular picture had colors i adore, an odd feeling, and a turn-of-the-century vision of how people would be able to fly by the year 2000.

i stared and stared at this illustration, enamored with its mystery and beauty.

although it wasn't expensive, i am committed to my budget and decided not to purchase it.  

instead, i took a picture with my diphone and sadly put it back on the shelf. 

that night, i told my beloved kevwrex about my antiquing adventure and showed him the many photos i had snapped.

the next day, i went into my studio loft and waiting on my desk was the illustration...

...i was thrilled to the point of tears.

on the way home from work, he had searched the entire warehouse to find me the picture i loved. 

just. so. flabbergasted. 

and flying.


Stacey said...

Hello I am new to your blog!
That is SO sweet & I love the illustration:)

Brooke said...

LOVE this illustration:) !

Kim said...

VERY cool!!!

Mr. Astigmatism said...

What a lovable lug. And an amazing illustration.

Kevwrex said...

I like to feed your inspiration, plum...xox

Ashley said...

hmmm... i think he sounds like a keeper :)

Ami said...

Di - Remind me to show you the artist I found that I'm in love with - I bought a small piece to put on my wall recently. The work is SO similar to this :)

M comme...Maman said...

So sweet!! And I absolutly LOVE this illustration! Wow!