double rainbow + music inspiration

it has been a rainy spring week here on the hill.

we are in the midst of a relaxing cozy art*filled staycation in the treehouse.

yesterday i saw a technicolor super charged double rainbow which didn't last long enough for a photo but was so spectacular!

last night we watched half of this beautiful movie...

...it is especially poignant, since my beloved kevwrex is a choral director and brilliant musician.

speaking of music, kevwrex sent me this fun combo of music and iphone awesomeness last night...


Kyla Roma said...

Just found you through Freckled Nest- and I'll have to look into that film, thanks! =)

Moorea Seal said...

oh my gosh, that girl just melted my heart. she is so rad!

and that film is a favorite of mine. ah, also melts my heart.

i really dig your blog :)

Parker said...

OH, my goodness...that movie is in my top ten. It makes me happy that you love it too.

Fritzi Marie

Ami said...

This makes me overjoyed and happy!