{stage} thrills with will

your innkeeper is currently consumed by passionate theater geekery.

tonight i travel into san francisco to see kevin spacey in shakespeare's richard III...

going to see a show has always been one of my very favorite things to do. it puts an incredible amount of pep in my step and inspires me to my core.

when i was a university theatre student, i played lady anne in a scene from richard III. it was the first time that i really immersed myself in the delicious dark poetry of the bard, exploring all of the complex human emotion that was contained within those beautiful words.

as an artist, i feel that it's extremely important to feed the fire of my inspiration. tonight i shall feast upon wonderful will's words, fanning the flames of my stage-loving, storytelling heart!

have you been on a date with your muse lately?

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Anonymous said...

wow, I'm jealous :) that's going to be great. I always wanted to see Kevin Spacey on stage (and one day I will).

I'm going to see Hamlet on Sunday, or so I hope (no tickets yet), and like you I get very excited. I love the theatre. it's such an all-around truly inspiring art form. it's one of the very few things that fully get me drawn into the now when everything (meaning life) makes perfect sense.

ha, I probably sound like a complete geek ;)