{retreat} inner voice

during my twentysomething years, i traipsed through a nebulous swirl of existential angst.

it was a confusing time because i had followed my dream and moved to los angeles to pursue a career in acting...yet i was deeply unhappy as an artist.

living in a thriving metropolis while navigating the twists and turns of an inner shift was difficult for me.

so from time to time, i escaped.

accompanied by my guitar, my journal, and a bag full of art supplies, i would jump in the car and head off into the mountains...

although i occasionally camped, my landing spot was almost always a beautiful inn, cottage, or bed and breakfast.

into a cozy little nook i would go, retreating from the chaos of nine million people and making space for my own voice to be heard.

this was such an important practice for me. it helped me find my way to where i am now.

last night i realized this: i loved my ritual so much, i made an inn of my own.

and here we are.

now i am full of wonder about you: do you have a retreat or a ritual which assists you in untangling the threads of your story?


mahaila said...

WOW! I love this little story! You are such a good writer. My ritual is running. It gives me perspective and often gives me inspiration:)

Mim Smith Faro said...

I love to visit your inn :) I love to walk and listen to music or hike easy trails with y kids and my camera. I need fresh air and sunshine.

Mary said...

My partner's parents own a small farm house on a big piece of land up north. we retreat there, away from it all, to relax and unwind. It's a wonderful place.

Picking up my camera or going for a run always help, too.

Mary said...

Also--these illustrations are incredible.

Love them!

Celina Wyss said...

I love that ritual. Something I need to start I think. :)

Jo said...

This is so beautiful and amazing! I love the retreat you've created here online, to share.
My lone drives, when I need to escape LA, usually take me to one of two places...the central CA coast, or an hour and a half up I5 to my home town to hang out with my family. :)