pixie dancing

some people believe that pixie dancing is responsible for the turning of the earth and that this dancing is the work they do to keep us spinning on this big beautiful floating rock.

it has been said that pixies choose to be joyful in this dancing because they know that a merry heart makes light work.

sending you a heaping sprinkle of stardust for your weekend...may you remember the pixies and weave a lighthearted dance into your days.


Ruby@Ruby'sMusings said...


HazelandMare said...

Thank you! This really made me smile :) I like the idea of a little magic helping the world go round. You have a great weekend, you little ball of stardust, you!

marci said...

So sweet. This picture is beautiful. :)

Petra said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend :)

Lizeylou said...

That photo is stunning.
I love "a pixie's gotta do what a pixie's gotta do"
Its so true isn't it.

knitxcore. said...

such a sweet post!

diane said...

ruby...thank you and welcome to the inn!

katie...it's a delight to make you smile. wishing you a wonderful weekend as well! xo

marci, petra, and robbie...thank you, sweet friends. :)

lizeylou...indeed it is true! and i'm very happy to welcome you as a guest here at the inn. the door is always open - i hope you visit often!

keishua said...

that photo just makes me smile. I hope your weekend has be lovely. Peace.

diane said...

keishua...so glad it made you smile! i hope your weekend was lovely too. :)