the play's the thing...

have you ever examined your own personal play history?

did you know that play is an altered state?

do you make a distinction between work and play?

scientists are studying the neurological and psychological implications of play on human life.

i am thrilled to hear this because i am a perpetually playful pixie.

it gives me great pleasure to know that there are facts and figures which support my frolicsome ways.

in the video below, stuart brown examines the importance of play and proposes that play has a critical biological function just like sleep or dreams.

watch this fascinating talk and then go explore, follow your curiosity, and do something fun...


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Mr. Brown! We have to do activities that make all our little grey cells work. I'm glad to know that creative time is helping us to making more well-rounded and healthier people :)

You always make me think, my dear! I hope you get some fun and creative time in this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I knew of quite a few parents who should become more aware of this... ;)

BeccaJ said...

I love Stuart Brown! I heard him speak at Nueva's last Innovative Learning Conference. I've changed my teaching style a bit based on his beliefs about the importance of "rough-and-tumble play", which kids aren't allowed to engage in as much. Thanks for spreading the word!

diane said...

katie...your haikus make my little grey cells dance and play, so the feeling is mutual! :D

petra...absolutely. as a teacher, i totally agree.

becca...wow! how cool that you heard him speak. i do believe he's a stanford man, right? the "rough-and-tumble play" ideas shifted my thinking with the twinkles this week. :)