{color} succulents + ice cream

whilst strolling merrily through my recent snaps, i noticed that a warm summery color combination has made a frequent appearance lately...

{succulent garden beauty number one}

{trader joe's delicious new freezer treat}

{succulent garden beauty number two}

{little green ladybug}

{first friendship bracelet in twenty years}

{succulent garden beauty number three}

{summer sassafras self-portrait}


bicocacolors said...

great post, beautiful colors!
and you really pretty Diane!!

a big hug,

knitxcore. said...

the best innkeeper! that friendship bracelet is sweet :-)

Mim Smith Faro said...

Great colors indeed. I always get to make friendship bracelets when we take the sixth graders to camp each spring.

Emily said...

I think you've just inspired my window box. It gets full afternoon sun, so every flower I've tried has died. And then we go on trips, and I don't water them, and they die more. But I bet I could find some succulents that would be happy there!

Elizabeth said...

I love your friendship bracelet. It reminds me of my school days - whimsical.

Petra said...

great colours :)

HazelandMare said...

Hehe, I just started a friendship bracelet recently too! It is currently safety pinned to the back of one of my couch cushions, awaiting completion. I forgot how relaxing it is to just sit and knot, and how pretty all the colors look next to each other :)

Lovely photos on this happy tuesday!

nikkibit said...

awe man, I never learned how to make friendship bracelets! One of those weird childhood things I skipped somehow... oh well, guess I will just have to find a friend that will make me one! haha

beka*b said...

lovely colours of summer :) hello summertime you!