{dewdroplets} one

a cabinet of curiosities for your enjoyment...

life as a creative person is a constant dance between structure and flow. 
keep listening to when the music changes, and you'll be just fine.

the prague astronomical clock six hundredth anniversary show via six giraffes

wishing you a splendid weekend, my dear friends!


BeccaJ said...

I must try that dark chocolate spicy coconut smoothie immediately! Thanks for sharing all your sparkly finds. I'll have to watch Prague Clock again, I think!

Jo said...

I'm so glad I popped over to read this post today! I've been seriously leaning toward sacrificing flow for the sake of structure. The results of that can be self-stifling.
By the by, I love the subtle lines in the art by Tuesday Mourning! :)

ALFIE said...

diane-- such a lovely collection of sweet things. thanks for sharing.

that smoothie looks INCREDIBLE!

cb said...

i love the first illustration so much! great style!


HazelandMare said...

Hooray! I needed a smile today and your blog always makes me smile. I love your inspiring posts and words- I will keep listening for changes in the music, that will be my mantra :)

I wish we lived in the same neck o' the woods. I feel like we'd be great friends :)