{reid ranch} blues + greens

yesterday was spent at the reid ranch celebrating the birthday of my beau-père.

(joyeux anniversaire au fromage grand!)

strolling through my pictures this morning, i noticed many shades of beautiful blues and greens...

{end of may vineyard}

{tiny merlot grapes}

{i'm taking a lichen to you via grandpa great}


{hayloft door}


Mary said...

beautiful blues and greens, indeed.

when i left canada 3 weeks ago, nothing had bloomed. Now everything is full of life and sparkling and vibrant green.

Lovely pictures, Diane.

Monica said...

how vibrant. love the lichen shot!


ALFIE said...

love the bright, beautiful colors here! and yesterday's baked oatmeal:: perfection! i'm totally in love with heidi's new book----and your take was so lovely!

cb said...

WOW this ranch looks so fantastic! the pictures are absolutely stunning!


Felicity said...

The vineyard is so pretty! I went to Napa once and thought "wow, I had no idea this type of landscape existed in the US." : )

sara said...

california is magical and vibrant.

Anonymous said...

beautiful. looking at your pictures I can tell that I need to leave the big city, at least for a short day or weekend trip. it feels like I am missing out on all the greens and blues ;)


Anonymous said...

gorgeous land!

beka*b said...

Oh Diane! ...that first is *just* like a postcard and I *love* the weathering on the barn :) Looks awesome!

diane said...

mary...thank you, and welcome home. it's wonderful to see you again. :)

alfie...thanks, my dear. i have heidi's book on my wishlist. it looks fantastic!

cb...how sweet of you. i do love it so.

felicity...i thought the same thing when i first moved here! it's so uniquely beautiful.

sara...yes yes yes. i'm excited to get you two up to the ranch.

petra...let's trade places for a day - you can come soak in some napa country greens and blues, and i'll spend some time in big city london! :)


beka...thank you - i was in love with your recent barn pictures. :)