foodstuff: chardonnay day

i live in the middle of wine country.

my family grows grapes and crafts them into french-style merlot and viognier.

we love wine and all the fun that living in the midst of winemaking culture brings.

last week, kevwrex and i participated in chardonnay day, a celebration in which "all you need is some chardonnay in your glass."

it was a simple soiree. i visited a local market and grabbed a bottle of sonoma county chardonnay, a slice of cheese, and some ripe strawberries...

a few tasting notes...

the wine: bluenose 2009 chardonnay, described as having notes of "pineapple, ripe peach and honeysuckle fruit with abundant flavors of vanilla, crème brulee and spice." it was delicious.

the cheese: point reyes farmstead toma. described as "a truly versatile semi-hard table cheese with a smooth, light and buttery flavor." it was indeed buttery and reminded me of a softer, creamier cow's milk version of petit basque, one of my favorite cheeses.

the strawberries: it is prime strawberry season here. plump, ripe, and devoured before the evening was finished.

chardonnay day was fun and we will definitely be participating again next year.

dear guests, do any of you enjoy drinking wine?


Felicity said...

I don't drink too often, but yes I love wine!

Caiti said...

I've tried to like wine, but it just hasn't happened. I'll drink it in social situations because it tastes better than beer to me, but I'm pretty indifferent towards most of it. Do you have any advice for learning to appreciate wine more? I've considered taking a wine tasting class at a cooking school.

I do think it's super neat that your family has vineyards! Sounds so dreamy :)

beka*b said...

As I have got older (but not wealthier) I have become more and more a wine drinker than any other alcoholic beverage. MrB was/is a member of the Wine Society and so we got to taste lots of world wines while we lived in England. Now we are here, we still drink the vine, but not in the same worldly way as before. We live in the wine country of Canada but are not so far very taken with the local varieties ;)

The Beetle Shack said...

water into wine = wine as water. Jesus wanted it that way ;) no?

wine is the blissness.


Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Hi Diane,
Your blog is lovely, I really like the name and concept, very witty! :)

It sounds amazing to live in the wine country. My parents have a holiday house in France, next to lots of vineyards, it's so nice to drive around to the different places and taste their wines, and they are all so friendly as well.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Lisa x

keishua said...

You lucky lady. I am huge fan of the vino. Truthfully, a cup of chardonnay would be nice right now.

Jo said...

I wish I lived amongst the vines!
I am a wine fan, to be sure, and have a handful of favorite wine bars in my neighborhood. If you're ever in Los Angeles and want a wine bar recommendation, let me know! :)

Monica said...

how wonderful to grow up around all that.
and what a delish combo with the cheese and strawberries! yummmmm

i love wine, but never, ever white. soft, fruity reds all the way.

Anonymous said...

yes, I do love wine. and after reading your post I feel doing just that: have a glass of wine, cheese and strawberries. too bad it's a little too early for that ;)

diane said...

caiti...i only started to love and appreciate wine when i worked in california restaurants and constantly tasted lots of different varietals with lots of different delicious food. it was a slowly cultivated and acquired taste for me, but now i'm smitten. i think the class would be fun and a great way to try tasty pairings. wine + food = yes!

beka...ooh, i am so curious to know more about canada's wine country and varietals!

em...wine is totally the blissness! :D

lisa...thank you and welcome to the inn! we have winemaking friends in france and it is on the tippy top of my life list to get over there for a visit.

keishua...*pouring you a virtual cup of chardonnay*

jo...absolutely! i worked at the mondrian hotel (asia de cuba) when i lived there and was among some intense wine lovers, but wine bars had not become a big "thing" there until right before i moved away. i will seek your advice when i am in the neighborhood!

monica...soft fruity reds are divine.

petra...just make it champagne, cheese, and strawberries - then you can call it brunch! :D

alex said...

Ah, I love wine and so I love how your life sounds! These are pretty good things to know!

diane said...

alex...it is indeed a fun adventure here on the hill in wine country. it took me many years to find a place i could fall in love with and call home...i finally found it and am truly in love! :)