foodstuff: takeya iced tea maker

i grew up in the home of a serious tea drinker.

every single day, my mother sipped hot herbal tea in the morning or iced sweet tea in the afternoon.

for many years, this was always brewing in the sun on our back porch...

even though i am a wildly passionate coffee drinker (french press and espresso are my darlings), i do adore tea as well.

when the weather warms up, i love to sip away on a tall glass of iced tea. if there are lemon slices, mint leaves, or raspberries in it, i get extra giddy.

last summer, i spent a ridiculous amount of time brewing tea in a giant metal bowl and then straining it through a mesh sieve into various containers to store in the fridge. although i did not have the proper brewing equipment, i got inventive with what i had at the time.

finally, i did some research and found this cool contraption...

it got great reviews online, so i added it to my wishlist. my sweet family gifted it to me recently and it is now in constant use here at the treehouse.

i love it because it:

  • can cold brew tea which is easy and tastes delicious.
  • is sturdy and doesn't feel fragile, which is important in a busy fridge.
  • works with loose leaf or bagged tea.
  • is airtight and can lay on its side or stand up.
  • looks cool.

i'm looking forward to a summer of swaying in my skychair, savoring my summer reading list, and sipping fresh iced tea.


Monica said...

i'm a big ol' chai drinker, and do love the occassional iced tea in the summer - a glass of the stuff, a good book, and a lounging chair in the garden.... bliss.

ALFIE said...

LOVE!!! both sun tea and that fabulous new brewer! tea is such a beautiful, simple part of any day!

Mim Smith Faro said...

Love both the tea maker and the skychair. Perfect summer stuffs.

Jo said...

My dad was an avid iced tea drinker, so while I love it for the taste, it also gives me a feeling of calm and happiness. A lot of value to place on a drink, yes? ;) This iced tea maker is such a great find!!

Oh, and I clicked the link to the post on your skychair. Wow! The view, the comfort, all of it! Just wow!!

diane said...

mim...thank you. summer is just around the corner! when is your last school day?

jo...yes, iced tea gives me that feeling too! a beautiful sense memory. thanks for the skychair love. sitting in it is one of my favorite things in life. :)

keishua said...

Yes, I grew up with a big jar of tea brewing on the front porch. It is almost impossible to replicate. Lately, I have been into hot tea because good sweet tea is hard to come about in these parts. I will have to put this on my wishlist.
P.S. I need to make a summer reading list. Otherwise, these book piles will just sit here taunting me.

diane said...

keishua...i started making my own sweet tea last summer, which i finally figured out requires simple syrup. have you ever tried making it with simple syrup? yum! truthfully, my book list is in my head + my book piles taunt me too. :D