foodstuff: cherry jubilation

earlier this week, i walked into andy's, a local family-owned market that always has the most incredible fresh produce.

i literally gasped out loud when i saw a robust display of ripe cherries...

it was instantaneous love.

i pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures.

an older woman with long silvery hair and tiny spectacles was standing next to me and said, "are you taking pictures of the cherries?"

"yes," i said...

she considered my answer for a moment, and then asked, "why?"

"because they're gorgeous," i said, without hesitation.

and she smiled.

i grew up with a cherry tree in my backyard, and i have always found them to be a thing of sheer beauty...

i'm thrilled that it's time to pull out my cherry recipes. perhaps a clafoutis, or cherry brown butter bars, or even just a traditional pie. my mother made a cherry pie so good that my dad used to sing a sweet, silly song about it.

do you have any special cherry recipes to send my way?


The Beetle Shack said...

We must be on different sides of this wonderful world! Cherries are in season around December here. I always associate them with Christmas, cashews, the cricket and the Sydney to Hobart yacht race... big new here is Aust.

Monica said...

that's funny, because i gasped on seeing your photos. how good do they look?!
i adore cherries. we're lucky to have a neighbour with several cherry trees. and let me tell you, they're oh so tasty. not ready quite yet though.

look forward to peeking at your concoctions in the kitchen.

Mim Smith Faro said...

I love to eat them straight off the tree. We did that in our old neighborhood. It's one of the few things I actually miss about that house.

I love your pictures and now I want cherry pie.

cb said...

you know i have never cooked with cherries before but i did buy some the other day at the farmers market and they were pretty yummy! i think they need a couple more weeks though to get even YUMMIER!
post a recipe if you find one!


ALFIE said...

so very gorgeous, indeed!

this post immediately put a smile on my face :)

beka*b said...

Oh my! Gorgeous indeed :) Roll on cherry season here (not long to go now!)... and may the feasting begin :)

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

i heard the word "pie" and came running.
but i think that I want a pie version of those cherry brown butter bars. the best pies have crumbly tops on them.

i get odd looks when I take pics in public, i love it.

silvii tron said...

Hmm a Cherry recipe.....Mine is pretty simple - I'll go to such efforts to remove the stones, cut them in half and eat them with Vanilla ice cream, or I might turn it into a milkshake.
Sometimes if I take a photograph of anything, I assume that people nearby will know why, that way I'm caught off guard. Something I guess that still sticks having lived in Japan where people will quite happily chase a cute bus just to take a picture of it!

diane said...

em...yes, we are across the globe indeed. the only cherries we eat at christmas are dried! :D

monica...ah, to have a neighbor with cherry trees is a fortunate thing.

mim...my sister + i ate so many cherries straight off the tree that we would get tummy aches.

cb...i agree that they need just a wee bit more time to be in tip top shape for eating. but then -> look out!

beka...a feast of cherries sounds fantastic.

tammy...ha!!! you made me laugh so hard with this comment. and yes, crumbly tops are uhhhhh-mazing.

silvii...i have never had a cherry milkshake, but now i must. that sounds SO good. thank you for that suggestion! and as for the stones, i finally got a pitter this winter.

diane said...

alfie...knowing that this put a smile on your face puts a smile on mine. :)

sara said...

yum and a half. i'm not really supposed to eat raw cherries (they make me itchy) but i sneak some here and there...especially organic homegrown types. what are your thoughts on Rainier cherries? i don't remember what they taste like, but they're quite pretty.

nikkibit said...

I wish we could wear an invisible cloak when taking pictures! Some of my photo students get so uncomfortable about it, they refuse to do candids haha. I will have to ask Harry Potter if I can borrow his.

diane said...

nikki...yes, it can be awkward sometimes! i was so shy at first, but am becoming more and more brave every time i do it. still, that cloak would be fun to wear!