beginner's mind

i find the following fact incredibly inspiring...

it reminds me of a quote i scribbled into a journal at least ten years ago when i was doing the artist's way by julia cameron...

as i approach the age at which julia started cooking, i am more and more amazed at the fresh new adventures that life continues to bring.

so, i am trying new skills. letting go of attempting to have life 'figured out.' reinventing myself and my work. experiencing various forms of rebirth over and over again.

in the second half of my fourth decade, i am making a conscious effort to embrace the mind of a beginner.

i think it's important to state this because the mind can play funny little games when thinking about trying something for the first time. my own brain becomes a tricksy pixie when i approach something i have never done before, especially as i get older.

which is why i want to purposefully keep that kind of thinking in check, throw caution to the wind, and journey into life's newness with an open heart.


Halina Veratsennik said...

This is great!
this type of post I needed/wanted to hear and read.
because I'm still feeling stuck with trying to 'figure out' what I need to do with my life, career, what are my strengths and my purpose...

Petra said...

great post and great timing. like Haline said, just what I needed to read right now. letting go of figuring things out about life is important. you are just limiting yourself. with everything new you do, no matter how succesful, you have already won :)

have a great week!!!

The Beetle Shack said...

i love your blog a little more each day. Such insight and honesty and so bloody flamboyant! you are excellent.

xo em

Monica said...

don't you just love that idea?! although i started a creative life back in my early 20's, i gave it up... it wasn't until my late 3's did i pick it up again. it's never, ever too late.

i think it's easier and easier for women to start new things later in life - we have no excuses!

beka*b said...

I think in many ways we are among the most fortunate of history's women: we are able more than ever to continually reinvent ourselves and learn new things. When I think of all the things I want to do in life, it is too short to stick with only a few. *huzzah!* to new you!

quiverfull said...

absolutely. i think it's dangerous when people start believing they've become what they are supposed to be. because... then what? continual growth and renewal and change and fresh vision... these are the things of life. i dont really think there's such a thing as having it all figured out. because even julia...when she fell into cooking...kept advancing. kept becoming. i'm 33 and just beginning to finally have the chutzpa to do what i know i ought to be doing. i have kids and work and stress, ... and so... i'm starting a PhD program next fall... working on publication... i feel like i'm finally awake. :) it's nice being awake.

diane said...

halina...i'm so happy to read how you felt about this post. i have had many many moments of that stuck feeling. i will hopefully always be exploring but am now accepting the process of discovery as my life's work and not an end point that i'm trying to reach.

petra...i am pleased to know it was good timing. your statement about success was beautifully said. wishing you a wonderful week as well! :)

em...thank you so much! i am totally thrilled that you are a guest of the inn. i think you are excellent, too. xo

monica + beka...you are both absolutely right -> we are some of history's luckiest women thus far. the freedom to explore + reinvent is amazing.

shawnacy...it feels fantastic to be awake! i keep feeling like i am more + more true to my deepest self every day. also: i am excited to hear about your PhD program. how wonderful!

quiverfull said...

i linked to this today. :)


Jenn Erickson said...

Thank you! Wise words, and ones I really need to hear. I've hit one of those "what have I done with my life" patches and really need to chill and look at things from a better perspective. I'm glad that Shawnacy of Quiverfull sent me your way!

New follower,
Jenn/Rook No. 17

PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

this post made me cry. in an deep breath, spread my wings & fly kind of way.

that quote about learning to play the piano always gives me chills. CHILLS!
thank you again my friend.

diane said...

shawnacy...what an amazing post! thank you so much for thinking of me. xo

jenn...my pleasure. welcome to the inn! i have traipsed over to your beautiful blog + will now be following your adventures. when i read your profile, i kept saying "yes!" which means i've found a kindred spirit. so happy you are here.

tammy...aw, thanks. that makes my heart feel very full. you are so sweet, my dear. i can't wait to meet you in person. pie + prosecco -> soon soon soon!

Jo said...

I'm at that age when I catch myself wondering, in regard to new endeavors, "Why bother?" Then I get my head on straight (and see a post as wonderful as this) and wonder, "Why not??"

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

Diane, i'm gonna have to start with....there is no way you could be in your 30's okay!? what????, i really was guessing in around 26 - 27. who are your parents and what did they slip into your bottle? i need this secret ingredz now!

perhaps this is another reason you have the youth fountain streaming freely and are bringing a beginner's mind to the forefront. i very much like this focus, thank you for giving me more to ponder and be in awe of!

a quote i love says "for the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits, for the last 30 years, your habits make you"

i'm thinking you are good to go lades, way to keep it unique, fresh and beloved. ♥

Ashley said...

Diane! I am new here on your lovely blog space (I came over from Lynn's fabulous spot) and I do believe I may already be in love! You are pretty darn amazing!!! I was scrolling through, browsing away, and this special post just jumped right off the page, and spoke to me. I am so inspired by your words. Can't wait to read lots more! :)

diane said...

jo...i think 'why not?' is a most excellent question. xo

lynn...i love that quote! and you are a sweeeeeeet woman to say such kind things about me. i strive to keep a joyful heart and a sense of play -> being a middle school teacher helps me with this. i dream of being young at heart but simultaneously wise in spirit!

ashley...oh my! thank you! it's great to have you as a guest here at the inn. i look forward to exploring your lovely blog! :)