beginner's mind part two: convincing the angel

dear friends, your comments and posts about beginner's mind have got my heart leaping + my mind twirling in the happiest of ways.

i am deeply grateful to be able to share the inner workings of my self + connect with such lovely humans all over the map.

in the spirit of this discussion, i decided to try something new to me.

earlier this year, i wrote a quote about beginning in my journal. tonight, with our discussion floating around in my mind, i wrote it on a scrap of blue paper, photographed it with a new hipstapak lens + film, and digitally edited it...

it is a tiny little package of love + magic sent from the inn to you.



Monica said...

excellent quote, love that concept - always beginning to be a beginner.

you had fun with this, huh?


Mim Smith Faro said...

Just lovely!

diane said...

monica...i did indeed. :)

mim...thank you. xo

Jo said...

"...always beginning to be a beginner" is perfection. Just perfection.

I'm feeling grateful for these posts of yours. They really hit the spot!

keishua said...

beautiful quotes and I love the design. I feel like I am at the stage where I have to be a beginner again. Naturally, I would rather not but I am learning slowly and by bumping my head that it's okay. Thanks for this lovely reminder.

diane said...

jo...i'm feeling grateful that you feel that way! :)

keishua...beginning is uncomfortable, which i think is the reason why we instinctively want to avoid it. but it's the key element of change, and change is constant, so i think it's very loving to ourselves to find a way to embrace it. xo

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

this is beautiful and i am just shaking my head because you are such a whole spirit, a loving and vibrant one too. i adore your edited quote so much. i like a beginner's mind b/c it's always open, like the inn!!! idea's haven't completely formed yet or are influencing you. nice one. xo ♥

diane said...

lynn...thanks, love bug. i adore your statement: "i like a beginner's mind b/c it's always open, like the inn!!!" that made my day. xo