spring @ the reid ranch

a warm spring morning walk around the reid ranch on sunday revealed a multitude of blooming and growing delights...

{a row of onions + a newly green vineyard}

{a sweet onion nestled in the dirt}

{the bright foliage of brussels sprouts}

{a trio of baby pears}

{delicate cherry blossoms}

{an antique bathtub overflowing with flowers}

{clusters of wisteria}


Mim Smith Faro said...

THat wisteria picture is stunning! Love it.

Mary said...

the reid ranch looks fabulous! your garden really does look amazing. this spring love in these pictures makes me smile. one day --one glorious day--when i've got my own home, i know who i'm coming to for advice.

have a wonderful day, diane.

Anonymous said...

looks like a great place to spend a couple of hours :)

cb said...

wow what a beautiful walk! it would be so much fun to plant brussel sprouts! oh that wisteria..one of my favorites! maybe i will buy a little tree this summer!


ALFIE said...

yes Yes YES!!!

i love all this!

can't wait till the weather is consistently warm here-- and my little plants start really blossoming!

Anya adores said...

So gorgeous, the wisteria is simply amazingly beautiful - love it.
A xx

Jo said...

These shots are gorgeous!! Oh, how I long for a garden of my own! :)

elisabeth said...

so pretty.
i LOVE wisteria.
my mom has some in her backyard and it's my favorite by far.


diane said...

thank you everyone!

i understand all of the wisteria love. it is so gorgeous! it has happy little buzzy bees partying throughout the blooms. being underneath it feels like being in a purple flowery waterfall.

mary...oh, if only i could grow such beautiful stuff! the reid ranch is actually the home of kevwrex's parents -> they are winemakers and lifelong gardeners, so they are who i go to for growing advice. :)