sad to say...

...that i am sick again.

after sweating through an intense fever all week, i ended up at the ER last night when my breathing got difficult.

i was diagnosed with pneumonia.

i have strong medicine now and am at home resting, but feel super blue about this whole thing.  i have never had pneumonia before and i find it scary.

just dropping in for a moment to explain why the innkeeper has gone missing around here this week.

i'm hoping to feel better soon.  i have lots of fun spring stuff to share, but i need my energy and breath back to do it.

if you have a moment, lonely little me would love to hear stories of what you're up to this week.

sending you love and hoping all is well in your world!



cb said...

oh no you poor thing!!! i had bronchitis for 3 weeks and i was worried it was going to turn into pneumonia!
i hope you get better soon! sending you get well wishes!


jackiebean said...

oh no! i'm sad to hear about your pneumonia. stay well and rest, friend. i'm sending you a hefty dose of feel better vibes.

let's see.. lately here in pdx, i've been thrifting, pinning like crazy, experimenting with quinoa, and painting a pretty girl.

talk to you soon! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. lots of love from London :)

Felicity said...

((Hugs)) and wishing you a speedy recovery.

silvii tron said...

I wondered why i hadn't seen a post from you in a while! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well but i wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your posts!
Get well!

Mary said...

Here's to a speedy recovery. Hope you feel better soon.

This week is all about getting my last assignments for school complete and preparing for Kenya. It's been a busy but good week.

Fritzi Marie said...

Oh Dear Friend, I am so sorry to heart that you are not well. I had pnemonia in high school. It was the worst. I hope you are okay? Please let me know if there is anything I can do.
As far as exciting things on my end. Not too much. I've been busy updating Etsy shops and planning blog giveaways. Spring is here and that is always nice. I've been taking Bono Baby on lots of long walks. I adore him.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

BeccaJ said...

I just learned you can "catch" walking pneumonia. Phooey! I do hope those meds do their job, stat!
I've been the TA all week while he's been doing his solo teaching! It's been fun to watch him struggle and prevail, and very interesting to live his schedule for awhile.
And...it's very cold.
Stay cozy and please feel better. xoxo

MeeshOne.Love said...

oh dear!
sending lots of love and healing light your way sister!
being sick is no fun, no fun at all! do you have netflix? you can watch harry and the hendersons on instant play! surely a little bigfoot will make you feel better.
and rest, and tea too.

sara said...

oh sweetie...so sorry :( i've been thinking about you...now i'll send special get well thoughts at you. take it slow and don't emerge until you are recovered...all the world will be glad to have you at your best again soon.

report from the city...windier than windy in the outer richmond today...probably the same in the treehouse. today i learned about hummingbird hemoglobin. we're on a new mission not to eat like sumo wrestlers (eating a huge meal right before bed).

oh...and regarding the scottish play...red lights and shadows-only=dramatic murder scene. there, now that part is figured out and you can rest.

love and hugs,

Halina Veratsennik said...

oh, that's sad... :(
Sending you good vibes!
I hope you'll get better soon

quiverfull said...

pneumonia is yucky. and scary. so sorry! rest up and use the down time to catch up on that all-important movie watching you've been putting off. :) or, you could, you know, sleep... or read books. or look out the window at the world bursting into bloom.
hope your view is beautiful and your lungs are quickly clear and strong.

Sarah said...

Oh no! That's so not fun at all!

Wishing you a speedy recovery. ♥

beka*b said...

Oh no! Poor you indeed :( I am sorry to hear you are unwell and hope you get back to your normal self very soon.

As for me, I've been taking a time out from being online - I'm still not 100% about returning to my 'usual' schedulling, but I'm still mooching about, reading (and commenting) about other's antics and escapades... :)

Anyhoot, hope you are better soon - can't wait to read all your 'springy' posts :) Hugs, xo

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh dear! hope you feel better very soon!
ps, LOVE all your photos on your blog. :)

Wish Me Luck said...

:( oh goodness. I hope you get better soon!

Emily said...

Oh no, I'm sorry you're so sick! I hope by now you're starting to turn the corner. I had pneumonia when I was 2, so I don't remember most of it, which I think is probably for the best.

Mim Smith Faro said...

Ack! I'm way behind on blog reading and just saw this now. I hope you are feeling better this week.

diane said...

oh my goodness!

i feel incredibly lucky to have received all of this love + kindness from each one of you.

i needed it so much + it really helped me feel better.

thank you for being such thoughtful friends...your innkeeper is profoundly grateful!