friendship is the best medicine

dear friends, i am very grateful for your wonderful words of encouragement during my recent illness.

after being completely down and out for a week, your comments were like brilliant rays of sunshine in my bedroom...

so many of you took time to write to me, and your words brought me a huge dose of happiness that i really needed.

i recently started following patch adams on twitter, and he sent me this message:

friendship is the best medicine.

thank you for helping me feel better, friends!

i have truly missed being here with you at the inn.

it is exciting to report that joyful springtime adventures are in the works. the dew drop inn shall be bursting forth with new treehouse tales and hillside loveliness soon.

in the meantime, i hope all is well in your corner of the universe and wish you a splendid weekend.



silvii tron said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend! Again speedy recovery and good days ahead!

jackiebean said...


i've missed you, too.

Anonymous said...

glad you are doing better. have a wonderful weekend :)

Fritzi Marie said...


I am so happy to hear that you are feeling a little bit better. I've been checking and and waiting for you to post. Here's to a Spring time full of adventure and free of the sickies.

Fritzi Marie

diane said...

thank you silvii, jackie, petra, and fritzi!

what sweet friends you are.