{camp cozy} day ten: lunar eclipse + winter solstice

last night was a rare event:

full moon + winter solstice + lunar eclipse --> all at the same time!

this has not occurred since 1638 and will not happen again until 2094.

here at {camp cozy} we had an eclipse party with our best friends next door.

first, we baked some cookies and built a warm fire in the fireplace.

we then spent the evening wandering outside to look at the moon and wandering back inside to get toasty warm by hearth's edge.

it was a cold and starry winter night. clouds were flying past a full bright moon which slowly fell into shadow and became the most luminescent shade of purple red...

it was a special time, looking at that glowing orb in the sky.

i thought of all the other people on the earth looking at that same lovely light.

and i thought of the past, of what people in ancient times might have speculated about this event.

finally, i contemplated things to let go and things to embrace in the coming year.

did any of you see the eclipse last night?

if you missed it, here's an amazing time lapse video...

a very happy solstice to all!


Mim Smith Faro said...

The whole family woke up at 3AM to look at the moon in full eclipse. Here in PA, the sky was clear and we could see the whole sky clearly, but didn't get the beautiful red shade shown in the video. It was more of a pale rust. It was still cool. Sounds like a fun solstice party!

Happy Solstice to you too!

cb said...

it was pretty awesome! i loved watching it move throughout the night! glad it was a clear night too!


Lynn said...

awe, we had a fog filled evening and tried to catch a glimpse but couldn't see much except a hazy glow.

what an evening yours sounds like though, roaring fire, fresh baked cookies and friends to enjoy it all with...huzzah! sounds perfect. ♥

diane said...

@mim...i absolutely love your family stories. you are a super cool parent. so happy you all saw it together!

@cb...yes, a quintessential clear bay area night for viewing that lovely spectacle.

@lynn...so sorry to hear that fog got in the way. that happens a lot around here! we just got lucky. many of my friends couldn't see it either due to cloud cover.

A Bird Out of Water said...

incredible video! we missed it, so this was a great substitute, thanks! :)