{camp cozy} day eleven: holiday moments

it has been a flurry of activity here at {camp cozy}.

the week of christmas was filled with:

a trip to see cavalia in san francisco...

{horses + humans -> poetry + performance}

snuggly evenings at the treehouse...

{starry night}

beaucoup baking...

{slicing cinnamon rolls}

{whipping up marshmallows}

a journey to pop's house for his ninety-seventh christmas eve...

{pop's handmade sign + classic game}

a beautiful christmas day at the reid ranch in napa...

{my christmas quiche * since 1989 * via madame shiptenko}

{daria by the reid ranch tree}

{preparing for the feast}

{musical crackers}

{hannah's horse by the hearth}

{s'mores platter with my homemade marshmallows}

mucho merrymaking + happy exhaustion...

{sleepy pup}

we spent the day after christmas in our pajamas by the fireplace eating popcorn and hanging out together in true {camp cozy} style.

i am very thankful to have spent this time celebrating with those i adore and love.


Mim Smith Faro said...

That smores platter looks delish! Glad you had a nice holiday!

diane said...

@mim...thanks for the s'mores love! they were tasty tasty treats.