{camp cozy} day nine: spontaneous baking

{camp cozy} brings out the crazy baking lady in me.

last night, the mood struck and i really wanted to whip up something sweet in the kitchen.

alas, it was the night before a grocery trip and we were out of most goods required for baking.

except for peanut butter.

and flour.

and a few other staples that ended up as...

...the best peanut butter cookies i have ever made.

(this is the highest quality photo i could manage before these warm beauties were whisked away into the hands of waiting friends.)

fluffy, cakey, moist, salty, sweet, and rolled in sugar.

even though it's not such a traditional holiday cookie, it totally rocked around the christmas tree.

baking notes:

* i used smooth peanut butter + skipped the chips altogether.
* i forgot to do the fork criss-cross pattern on the second round and they looked like chocolate crinkle cookies in terms of texture...i liked this look even more than the criss-cross, but if you're going for old school PB cookies, that pattern is key.
* i ended up baking for a minute longer (13 total) because the first round teetered on the edge of underdone.

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