{camp cozy} day six: sugar cookie workshop

trader joe's snagged me with a cute new holiday product.

i say this as if it is unusual, but the truth is that they almost always lure me in with their seasonal delights.

seriously, though. look at this adorable box...

how could i pass by the lovely illustration and the promise of warm fresh cookies to decorate and devour?

so i spent this afternoon having a sugar cookie workshop with my best friend's toddler twins...

have you ever baked with toddlers?

it's a whole different kitchen experience.

some aspects of it can be challenging. you've got to be strategic, nimble, and patient.

however, the rewards are fantastic:

complete fascination at the rolling of the dough

squeals of pure joy at the sprinkling of flour

spontaneous happy dances when holding the spatula

cookie cutters used as musical instruments

sighs of delight when warm cookies are served

these are the first cookies baked at {camp cozy} this season.

what a magical way to begin!

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