{camp cozy} day seven: the naughty elf

i finally decorated our tree on saturday!

it was rather lovely to leave it wearing only white lights for a week, though.

tomorrow, i shall tell the decorating story accompanied by a hearty handful of vintage ornament pictures.

for now, i simply want to introduce you to a very old and esteemed member of {camp cozy}: the naughty elf.

he is currently the unofficial mascot of {camp cozy}...

this handsome fella has been in our family since i was a tiny tot.

kevwrex and i are convinced that he is up to mischievous elf behavior when we are not looking.

i propose that not many people can rock a shiny gold bow tie like the naughty elf can.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I like your blog...! I am inviting you to visit my site, and if you follow me, I will follow you ok?


diane said...

@jesse...thank you! i will indeed check out your blog. :)

Mim Smith Faro said...

Ooh! Cute!!! I have a collection of elves like that. I don't have them out this year. (I have more than enough holiday decorations and need to rotate!)

Ashley said...

Hilariousness!! The bow tie is quite clever.

diane said...

@mim...i want to see your elf collection next year! :)

@ashley...if you ever want to borrow his snappy gold tie, let me know. i'll ask him.