{camp cozy} day five: mugs + plates

a reid holiday tradition:

every year, each family member receives a matching mug + plate.

these are each part of a larger set which is distributed among all of us.

i love knowing that each of us has a small part of each year's collection in our homes.

tonight i unpacked three examples from recent years...

{snowman chef}



these lovely combos are perfect for serving:

spiced tea + warm sugar cookies

steamy hot chocolate + homemade marshmallows

robust coffee + fresh pie

cold milk + creamy cupcakes

they also look beautiful on display.

do you have any yearly gift traditions?


Fritzi Marie said...

I love that your family does this. It's so sweet and sentimental. My Aunt Janet and Uncle Jack have sent me and my siblings and cousins an ornament for nearly every year of my life. So we all have tree's with similiar ornaments. They also put the dates on all of them. Now, Daniel and I do the same for our neice and nephew. We hope that they too will have a tree full of love ornaments when they move out.

love love,

jackiebean said...

i love the mug and plate collection. what a fun family tradition!

every year we exchange pajamas on christmas eve. looking back, i think it was so us kids looked nice in the christmas morning photos in our new sleepwear. the tradition stuck, and we still do it even though we are all grown up. i never have to worry about having enough comfy flannel pj's for wintertime since i get a new set every year!

Mim Smith Faro said...

What a fun idea! In our family, Santa leaves pajamas for everyone while we are at Christmas Eve service. That way everyone looks cute on Christmas morning for pictures.

Growing up, we were always allowed to buy an ornament. When we moved out, our ornaments came with us. I have continued that with my own kids.

Anonymous said...

i married into a tradition of christmas morning breakfast: cornflakes w/ cream and strawberries + eggs benedict (your choice of ham, smoked salmon, or crab). yum!

diane said...

@kitty...beautiful! your use of the phrase "love ornaments" melted my heart.

@jackiebean + @mim...pajamas on christmas eve was our family tradition for a long time too! i still buy myself new christmas jams every year.

@sara...that sounds completely delicious. yum!