{camp cozy} day eight: ornaments

when i was a kiddo, my family always listened to "christmas with the chipmunks" on the record player while decorating our tree.

on saturday evening, i played that familiar old squeaky trio and pulled out the ornament boxes.

kevwrex helped me unwrap the ornaments and watched me dance and sing around the living room.

"one, two, three, four - go, dave, go - we wanna hear some more!"

indeed, i am a sentimental gal.

i always get a little misty when opening up certain ornaments. a tear or two graced the scene, especially when dear dave sang "have yourself a merry little christmas."

*sniff sniff*

after the tree was complete, i grabbed my camera and captured a few shots of some favorite ornaments, new and old...

{handmade by grandma great}

{disco dino}

{mrs. claus + santa}


{snowman chef}

{glittery ball}


{love birds}

{keep paddling}

our tree is a mix of kitschy vintage, glittery sparkles, and rustic woodland.

i love it.


Emily said...

I teared up reading this post because we have two of Grandma Great's ornaments on our tree as well :) I love that something as simple ornaments is connecting our family this time of year. Hugs to you and Kev!

Emily said...

"as simple AS ornaments." I still remember how to speak English, promise.

Mim Smith Faro said...

Lovely ornaments! I love when ornaments have sentimental value.

diane said...

@emily...hugs right back to you, sweet cousin! we miss you so much. i adore those grandma great ornaments.

@mim...yes, sentimental ornaments are my favorite.