{camp cozy} day four: finding our tree

i am so happy that {camp cozy} is now filled with the smell of sweet fresh pine.

the lovely little town where we live has a gazillion local family tree farms, and we visited one on saturday to find our tree...

{my version of cindy lou who}

{kevwrex among the trees}

{local family farm}

{fragrant branches}

{cutting the tree}

the tree we chose is a small douglas fir and looks simply beautiful in our treehouse.

we brought it home and draped it in white lights.

it creates a wonderful glow in the mornings while we are getting ready for school and in the evenings while we are snuggled up in the blustery rain.

it will be lovingly adorned with decorations later this week.


Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

thats a pretty good version of cindy lou who!

Emily said...

You guys officially have the BEST tree-finding faces! No real trees here, but I'm looking forward to finally buying a fake one and making it feel like Christmas despite the heat - the past few years I just haven't gotten into the Christmas spirit since it's summer, so this year I want to try.

cb said...

so cute! i got a christmas tree scented candle as we are getting a christmas cactus this year! can't wait to see you tree all dolled up!


Lynn said...

well this has got to be the cutest darn thing i've seen in awhile! so happy to have stumbled across your swell blog.

i envy your real tree goodness too, our building only allows for the artificial versions unfortch. i tend to use overdoses of pine spray everywhere to make believe were living the cypress dream ; )

love your blog! ♥

diane said...

@alycia...thanks! i love making that face. it's silly and fun.

@emily...i still can't wrap my brain around your chilean summer christmas. i love reading about it!

@cb...christmas cacti are so lovely. pictures, please?

@lynn...thank you so much! i am digging your blog too. wonderful to 'meet' you!