the artist is present

i find the performance artist marina abramovic fascinating.

she recently completed a retrospective called the artist is present at MOMA in new york.  it included the longest piece of performance art on record.

marina sat still on a chair in the museum for seven days a week and seven hours a day while visitors were invited to sit in front of her as long as they wanted...

she did this for several months.

i find this idea terrifying and wonderful.

here is an overview of the piece...

this is comprehensive portrait gallery of each participant as they were sitting with marina.

side note: i could not stop watching these photos!  i think they are absolutely compelling.  the actor in me is so enthralled watching this spectrum of responses.

to hear more about the piece from the artist's perspective, check out this interview with marina via vogue italia.

there is currently a documentary being made by HBO about her life and work that i think will be quite interesting.

marina is definitely a provocative artist.  her work amazes and astounds me.  i don't always understand or enjoy what she is doing, but she certainly makes me feel, question, and reflect.  she pushes boundaries.  her fearlessness intrigues me.


beka*b said...

From an anthrological aspect too, that gallery of faces is fascinating. Amazing artist. Incredible work.

diane said...

beka*b...absolutely. it's just so compelling. i appreciate work like this that really makes me think.

Rachelle said...

I would have loved to have seen The Artist is Present in person. I looked through the portrait gallery earlier this year and was so moved. I cannot imagine the emotional energy it took Abramovic to do this, but it's so, so beautiful.


diane said...

rachelle...i cannot imagine it either!

since viewing this work, i have tried to visualize what this experience would be like.

it's a rare and unique person who can do this, truly.