i bless the rains down in africa

i am sharing the following video with you for several reasons.

one: i am married to a choral music dude. we love to completely geek out on fun vocal stuff like this.

two: this reminds me of creating rainstorms in my elementary school music class by clapping + snapping + stomping. i really loved doing that.

three: it's by the band toto! it's a classic from the eighties! and it's a great song!

without further ado, i present to you 'africa' as performed by perpetuum jazzile...


jackiebean said...

wow! this is so cool!

i just got the chills. especially during the 'thunder'! ooo! i can only imagine the hours of hard work that was put into this performance.

thank you for sharing. hope school is going well and that you have a wonderful weekend!

diane said...

jackiebean...i love getting the chills over stuff like this! cool performances do that. i'm happy you enjoyed it. <3