pavlova lover

we have a wonderful friend visiting from new zealand who made a stunning delight for us this evening...

this beauty is called a 'pavlova.'  i have read about this recipe but have never tried one, so when my friend decided to bake it i was incredibly excited.

after eating the heavenly concoction tonight i must tell you this: 

it was so delicious i almost wept tears of sweet joy.

this lovely dessert is a fluffy meringue baked lightly golden brown, filled with fresh whipped cream, and topped with strawberries and kiwi.

my friend told me that this is a dessert his mum often makes and that in new zealand there are competitions at local fairs to determine who makes the best pavlova.

{i love details and stories like these.}

a side note about meringue: 

i don't think i ever ate properly made meringue when i was young.  rather, i don't recall ever eating fresh meringue.  so truthfully i always thought it was yucky and weird.  like tasteless dull styrofoam, in my memory.

thankfully this opinion changed drastically in recent years when i learned to make fresh lemon meringue pie as well as meringue mushrooms for a buche de noel.

and now, the pavlova has sealed the meringue deal.  i'm offically hooked for life.

thank you for making this light sweet airy treat, my dear new zealand baker!


MeeshOne.Love said...

mmmm...i want some!

diane said...

michelle...you've got to try making one sometime! deeeelish. xo