weeds + water wednesday: voila!

it is official:

the garden has finally been planted!

saturday was a blue sky warm june day.

with french press coffee in hand, i finished my garden plan, made a list on my diphone of plants to buy, and went to harmony farm supply + nursery.

it was so much fun rolling a cart around at harmony and choosing my plants.  they have such helpful people and some adorable signs...

i chose a mixture of herbs:
  • oregano
  • italian flat leaf parsley
  • cilantro
  • sage
  • basil
  • lemon balm
  • mint
  • thyme
  • lavender
and some veggies:
  • onions
  • lettuce
  • arugula
  • beets
  • peppers...
"gypsy" was my nickname in college

  • tomatoes...

i came home with a big beautiful box of plants...

and spent the rest of the day transplanting into new containers, a variety of repurposed pots.  the process continued until the sun was setting and i was happily exhausted.

here are a few closer snaps of the plants...

purple basil

golden sage

bull's blood beets (for my beloved kevwrex)

yellow cipollini onions

upon finishing the transplant, i noticed that my heart felt a little bit tender and sensitive for these new beings. 

i thought: i want this garden to flourish and grow!  i'm responsible for its care!  i reeeeeally want everything to go well for these plants!

and then i remembered that i have to do my very best AND let it go.

in that moment i realized that gardening requires dedicated love as well as acceptance of whatever happens. 

for me, it is worth every single moment.  but nevertheless it gives me that exposed and careful heart-on-my-sleeve feeling.  it's a beautiful bittersweet ache that i feel when i really let myself love something and embrace the whole life cycle. 

yes, all of this is in one little container garden on my porch.


ALFIE said...

wooo-hooo!! love it :)

Becca said...

So exciting! Is that wood or cardboard? If it's cardboard, be careful of mold and root rot!

diane said...

@alfie...thank you! <3

@becca...i had a blog fail and published an unfinished post draft that didn't explain the photo. that is the cardboard box i used to bring them home! container pictures next week. :)

Heidi pumpkin pie said...

AMAZING! this is super inspiring; I really hope I can start a garden soon and have it flourish.

diane said...

heidi, you should definitely grow something this summer! even just one pot of something. it's so satisfying.